What Gator Survey can do for you!

Gator Survey is an easy way for you to create surveys for your customers, providing you with a useful business analytics tool.

Discover if your customer base is satisfied with your service or product, and understand what your customer wants in depth.

Surveys can be sent through emails using a direct link provided in GatorSurvey when you go to publish it, and they can be embedded on a web page using an iFrame .

It can even provide you with analytics showing the result of each survey, helping you make your business better.

Drag & Drop Editor

When creating your survey, you will use the Drag & Drop Editor. This is the same editor used in Gator Creator, just modified for survey purposes.

There are blocks and templates which allow in depth customisation.

The blocks available to you are:

  • Plain Text - this block allows you to write a block of text, perhaps introducing the survey or giving a bit of information about your company.
  • Image - this block allows you to add an image from your own source or taken from Nifty Images.
  • Short Text - this block is the same as plain text except it limits you to a smaller space block.
  • Button Select - this block allows you to add buttons which can take you to the next page of the survey.
  • Single Choice - this is mostly used for 'Yes' or 'No' questions or those in which you want only one answer from a range of options.
  • Dropdown list - this creates a block that adds a drop down which has multiple options in which to choose from.
  • Multiple Choice - this works the same as single choice except it allows the user to select more than one answer.
  • Grid Input - this block allows you to place a grid in our survey, akin to a punnet square, where users can match their options.
    for example, the below grid allows users to review multiple products at once.
  • Priority List - allows the user to sort options in order of preference. This can be likeability, effectiveness, deliverability, and many more.
  • Division - Can be used for allowing users to distribute numbers between a set of options. e.g. 'How many biscuits do you eat with a cuppa?' and you have multiple biscuit options.
  • Number - enables the client to rate a response with numbers e.g. 'On a scale of 1-10...?'
  • Date - is for entering a date e.g. 'Enter your date of birth'.
  • Time - is for entering a time
  • Star Rating - allows a client to give a five star rating on a question of your choice
  • Web Address - is for entering their web address so you can match this with a lead or visitor
  • Email Address - enables you to ask the responder for their email, in order to have further communications with them

For a more in depth look at block functions, please click here.

Gator Survey is more for web use. For example, you can use our tool to create an iFrame which you embed as html on to your site page or you can send it as a direct link to someone via email.

Gator Survey also allows you to send out surveys by Outlook emails so it is also great for internal surveys: you do not have to go through setting up a campaign to send it.

For surveys you want to attach to an email, we recommend using our survey tool within GatorMail.