Traditional Survey Creation within Gator Mail

Within Gator Mail there is a survey tool under the 'Creative' tab.

This tool is not a Drag & Drop system. It is a form based system as shown below.

Our tool allows you to create unique survey designs to cater for your business, and send them out within a GatorMail campaign.
It can have web capture forms and landing zones to cookie respondents and gain information on who is answering your surveys.

The results of your survey can be monitored through your GatorMail campaign.

1. Here you would enter the name of your survey, and the title. The title is what those sent the survey will see.

2. Here you would place a submit message. You can enter a simple message in the text box, but we recommend clicking on advanced settings as this allows you to change the font, font size, add images, add a web link, add a landing zone, and many more.

3. For your survey template, you would add a template of your creation from 'Template' -> 'Survey'. These can be as simple or as complicated as you like, with the option of CSS to be added. The survey type 'Standard' is a simple question and answer, whereas 'eLearning' is a question and answer with a pass or fail option i.e. there are correct  answers.

4. 'Conditional Notifications' are where you can set a notification to send to yourself when someone answers a question with a certain answer.
For example, you may have a question 'Is the service of a high quality?' with a 'Yes' or 'No' answer. If a person from a specific company answers 'No', then you will receive a notification of their answer and who it was.
This tool enables you to find out who sends answers which effect your customer satisfaction for example.

5. These check-boxes have multiple functions.

Summary Link: This shows the user a summary of their answers on the survey.
Results Link: This gives a results link on the survey thank you page.
View Responses: Allows text inputted responses to be exported.
Allow Retake: Gives the user a retake link on the survey thank you page.

6. The 'Approval Type' controls whether the survey submission automatically updates contact data fields, or submits them for summary approval, or does not update the contact at all.

Questions and Answers Tab

Here you can add all your survey questions and possible answers for customers to choose from.

1. 'Refresh Tree' is the button you press to clear all your questions and answers to start anew. A 'Tree' is how we describe the question and answer creation process. It starts as a page, then moves to questions, next an answer. Visually it shows as a tree.

2. Here is where you add pages to your survey. These can be along the lines of 'Introduction', 'Employee Details', 'Job Details' etc.

3. To add a question click the black arrow next to the page box. This adds a box in which you can add a question.

4. Filling in the question box is simple. Select the type of question you want, and add the question title in the 'Title' box.
   CSS determines the size of the text in the 'Title' and 'Text' boxes. If you want a bigger question font size then add it in 'Title'.

5. Here you can see I have added a Textbox-Single Line question 'Any Comments?' This allows users to type an answer into this box.
I have also added in a Radibutton-single select question 'How was the level of service?'. This allows them to choose one option from a variety of answers.

6. Again click the black arrow to open the answers option. Type your answer in to the box and select 'Add'.

7. The blue up and down arrows control the order you can put your questions and answers in.

Question Types

Textbox - single line = A simple question with a short text answer for input This will be input by the client.

Textbox - multi line = The same as above but allows more space for longer answers.

Radiobutton - single select = A question which has multiple answers but the user can only pick one option.

Checkbox - multiple select = This is the same as above except the user can have more than one answer.

Dropdown list - single select = This is a question with answers that appear in a drop down format. The user can only select one answer.

HTML = This allows you to input HTML for a question, if that is how you prefer to construct your survey.

Sub Dropdown list - single select =

Date/Date and Time = These allow you to add a text box for users to enter the date and time they completed the survey.

Listbox multi/single select = Allows you to have a list of answers for the user to choose from.