Popup Information Checklist

This document is intended to provide key details on features of Popup which may cause confusion, or are more technical in nature.




  • To have Popup available to you as a product you MUST have GatorLeads. They use similar tracking and the tracking code put on your website from GatorLeads is what helps track results for the Popup.
  • Any page of your website you want a Popup to appear on MUST have the GatorLeads tracking code.
  • To create a Popup you need to have Admin access in GatorLeads. Anyone can still see the dashboard, but they cannot make changes or create a Popup (an invalid role screen will appear for them).



Please Note: The old GatorLeads tracking code (WOW Async Tracking Code) is not compatible with Popup. Popup requires our new GatorLeads tracking code (t.wowanalytics.co.uk) to function correctly.

Important Definitions

  • Button URL =  The webpage destination URL set on your Popup button.
  • Target URL = The URL of the website you want the Popup to appear on. For example, you want the Popup to appear on your main site e.g. communigator.co.uk. So this will be your target URL. You can specify a page later on.
  • UTM Field = A popup will pass through existing UTM values from the referring (source) URL to the target action URL in the Popup. It will also add the UTM_content field with the name of the popup. If there is no inbound UTM_source (organic), then you can use the default values below to add UTMs to the target action URL.

    In simple terms, any UTM values you have attached to the referring link will be brought across. Adding in your own UTM values will override those from the referring URL. Default values will populate the UTM fields if none are inputted.
  • Returning Visitors = People who have arrived at your target page, seen the Popup, then visit the page again after navigating away.
  • Referrers = A visitor is termed a 'referrer' if they have arrived to the Popup target page from a URL linking to the page. For example, you may have a LinkedIn post which contains a button link to the page your Popup will appear on. If they click on that link and are re-directed to the target page and see the Popup they are a referrer.



Settings Information

  • If you set a Target URL but do not specify a Target Page then it will target your domains default page.
  • If you are not an Admin user in GatorLeads you can still see the dashboard, but when clicking on 'Create a Popup' they will only see an 'Incorrect Role' page.