Popup Dashboard

This article will give you an overview of the dashboard, highlighting key features of the page.

1. To add a folder click the '+' icon.

2. This is the list of folders you have in the instance. The default folder is 'Pop Ups'.

3. Clicking this icon will start the creation process of a new popup.

4. Ticking this box will select all popup's on the screen.

5. This is the name of your popup.

6. Clicking this icon will allow you to filter for certain popups.

7. This is the popup description. Usually this will be indicating what the popup is for.

8. This is the date your popup was created on.

9. To get a preview of your popup, select the three dot icon. You can also see the popup Results and copy or delete the popup.

10. This shows the status of your popup. Green = Enabled/Live, Red = Disabled/Inactive.

11. These are some brief Leads statistics for your Popup.

12. Anything you export can be viewed by clicking on the 'View Export' button.



When a popup is selected by the checkbox the option to delete it appears as the bin icon, as well as being able to move it from a different folder.