The New Additions to Gator PopUp

In line with our Product Roadmap, the June 2020 Release has resulted in a few new types of our popular PopUps. Those being Forms, Custom and Info.

Form PopUps

We now have 2 different types of forms available; GatorLeads forms and GatorMail Smart forms. This allows GatorLeads only customers to make the most of this new exciting feature; the maximum 3 field form will push the data collected back to GatorLeads. A great use case of this PopUp would be to promote Newsletter Sign Ups, or to receive more information about an Event you are hosting. This minimises the number of clicks a customer would need to make to complete the action.

GatorLeads Form

This option is perfect for our GatorLeads only customers, as it allows us to drop the cookie and associate the returning visitor as an identified contact. A great use case for this type of form for customers that utilise both tools, is for customers that are already using GatorLeads and GatorMail when using alerts as an entry point for nurture campaigns. This means they can very easily push new contacts through their nurture series. The form results for the GatorLeads form can be seen within the popup results.

GatorMail Form

Use your GatorMail integration and select from a list of smart forms already created within your instance. Use this form type to create new contacts in GM while utilising all the powerful rule-based logic available through our smart forms. The results for this form type can be seen within the smart form results page within GatorMail. This also allows you to utilise the power of GatorLeads tracking by "cookie-ing" the contact on form submission.

If a redirect hasn’t been set within the GatorMail Smart form you will proceed to a Page 2. The details you can see in this section control the settings you can see when on the second stage of the popup. When using the GatorLeads form you will always use these settings as there are no other rules that could take priority.

Please note that if you have multiple GatorMail instances, GatorPopUp will only be able to pull in the SmartForms from the GatorMail instance that is integrated with your GatorLeads Account.

Custom PopUps

Our "Custom" PopUps will now allow you to enter your own coding, meaning you can host things such as podcasts and YouTube videos. The benefit of this is to have your Popups be completely unique to your company, not limited by the functionality of our GatorPopUp product. 

Info PopUps

Sometimes we don't always need a CTA for a PopUp. The new "Info" PopUps allow you to present quick information to your viewers, without a need to direct them elsewhere. For example, a use case of this would be to alert viewers to a delay in response times during peak seasons.