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A key feature of GatorPopup is the Reporting function. This shows you who has engaged with your popup, when they engaged, if they clicked any links, and much more.

This article will take you through the Results screen.

To the Results Screen!

To access your Popup Results, select the three dot icon and select 'Results' as shown above.



An Important Note

Your Popup results rely on your tracking code being embedded in the page your popup appears on, so issues with your reporting stats are likely linked to your Leads tracking.

The two forms we report your results in are:

  • Leads Data - This shows hits and views for identified contact or companies i.e. those who have been cookied and are visible in GatorLeads.
  • Analytics - This shows hits and views, but they are not unique visitors i.e. these are those who have not been cookied and are not visible in your Leads, so there will be no identifying information avaliable. This allows you to account for anonymous visitors to your site and see unique and general traffic/engagement.


Please Note: Views and Hits are different stats. Views are seeing the Popup appear, whilst Hits are taking some form of action after that view e.g. clicking on a link or button.



Lead Data - Company Leads

Page Stats

  1. Here you can change the date range you wish to view results in.
  2. Here will be the Target Page name. If you have multiple target pages they will appear here showing which company has visited which URL.
  3. You will see the name of the tracked Company that engaged with the popup here. To see companies which have engaged with the URL that are not recognised, go to the 'Analytics' tab.
  4. A permalink to the Company profile p[age
  5. The date the Company viewed the popup will appear here.
  6. This is the number of Views from the Company.
  7. The number of Hits displays here. Hits are distinguishable from Views as they are actions e.g. selecting a button which re-directs to another page.



Daily Stats

Daily Stats is very similar to Page Stats, except it compiles all Page Stats into one for each Company i.e. the Companies total score over a specified date range.

Please Note: The maximum custom date range can extend up to 3 months only.




Lead Data - Contact Leads

Page Stats

Contact Leads are very similar to Company Leads, except instead of receiving stats for companies, you receive stats for identified contacts.

The only change here for Page Stats is that as well as having Company Name you also have the contacts Email.



Daily Stats

In Daily Stats it will show you the total views and hits for a specific contact, it does not report on individual pages here.

The only alteration is that the Email column is the first column. This is so you can see the email of the contact, first, then the Company they belong to.



All Traffic

In All Traffic both Page Stats and Daily Stats report like Leads Data except there are no Company Name, Email, and Permalink columns. This is because All Traffic only reports anonymous data from non-cookied contacts.

1. At the top toolbar you will see Total Views, Total Hits and the CTR% (Click Through Rate Percentage).

2. To close the results view and return to the Popup Dashboard, please select 'Close'.