What is Gator Popup?

Gator Popup is our newly designed tool for the creation of popup messages, which we debuted at GatorCon2018!
They can be used for showing a product update has arrived, drawing attention to a new feature, giving company information, and more!

With full control of the design, content, display, and triggers. The options are limitless.

There are some criteria that must be met before you can use GatorPopup:

  1. You must have a GatorLeads account containing a tracked website
  2. Any pages you wish to display popup on must contain the GatorLeads tracking code
  3. Popup creation is only avaliable for Admin Users

Plentiful Design Opportunities

You can customise colours, images, text style, content, brand colouring, and position.

With a large variety of customisations we have a lot for you to choose from, but if this isn't enough for you then don't worry! We will be releasing more features and customisations for you in the future.



Easy to Navigate

The product is clear and with a simplistic design, making it easy to navigate.

We have added filters for your benefit, ensuring you can find your popup quickly. You can also see the status of a popup with just a glance.



Technical Customisation

Within the new application you have multiple settings which allow you to target your popup's for specific visitors, based on fulfilling certain conditions.

You are able to:

  • Set the conditions of the popup's appearance in terms of location, appearance, and
  • Set the target page for the popup to appear on
  • Determine whether the popup can appear for repeat visitors
  • Include or exclude devices and operating systems for the popup to appear on
  • Have the popup appear for those who have navigated from another page. This can be a specific page or it can be on pages with specific UTM values in the URL
  • Make the popup only appear for visitors from certain campaigns, with specific UTM values.




We know that most people browse the internet using their phones, so we have made sure that your popup's can be viewed on multiple devices without interfering with the viewers experience.

Within both the settings and design section of the product you can set conditions on what operating systems and devices the popup's are restricted to.



Where should I use a Popup?

Popup's can be utilised in a number of ways, for example, you may have a new feature in your product and want to announce it on your website rather than in an email to customers. The popup could appear on your 'Services' page or your 'Homepage' so existing and potential customers are aware of new functionality.

Here are a few situations we think popups are perfect for:

  • Targeted Marketing via LinkedIn - You may have a post in LinkedIn which is related to something present on your website. For example, create a link in your LinkedIn post which directs to a blog post on your website. On that page a popup can appear which directs you to a product page.
  • You may have a campaign which carries certain UTM values. These values can be used to target the popup at that campaign audience, acknowledging where they have come from to address them specifically e.g. "We see you have downloaded our product whitepaper! You may also like...".
  • Announcing an event on your website!


If you want to know more about Gator Popup and its uses please contact support@spotler.co.uk or call +44 01483 411 911 (option 2) to speak to our Support Team.