Zapier Integration Explained

Zapier is our newest integration which offers an open market to any CRM where Spotler does not have a native integration.

Zapier moves information between your web apps automatically and provides a simpler path to automation.

Why Use Zapier?

Zapier can be a cost effective approach to automation rather than having to pay for a custom integration. (This is subject to how many zaps you require)

Upgrades are more compatible with most versions.

You no longer have to spend time on manual entry between two systems.

What Does The Integration Do?

The connection between GatorMail and Zapier will allow you to create Zaps to facilitate the connection between your Spotler account and your contact base/CRM. You will be able to:

  • Make changes to GatorMail contact record fields when matching contacts are updated in the database
  • Send Smartform submission data back to your contact base by triggering a Zap when a form is submitted in GatorMail.

Attribute Mapping Action

This action will allow the transformation of a CRM field to a GatorMail attribute to be used in the “Contact Update Action

The action will require the following inputs:

  • Input – The input value (CRM field name).
  • Mappings - Dictionary of key/value pairs. The key is a CRM field and the value is a GatorMail attribute name.
  • The output of the action is the GatorMail attribute name to be used in follow-up actions.

Contact Update Action

This action will update a contact attribute in GatorMail.

The action will require the following inputs:

  • GatorMail Instance – The instance of GatorMail to update the contact in.
  • Email Address – The email address of the contact to update.
  • Attribute Name – The name of the attribute to update
  • Attribute Value – The update value

Smartform Submission Trigger

When a Smartform submission occurs, a Zap will be triggered which will provide the form name, form action description, form field data (yes, even UTMs), email address, CRM identifier and type, and the submission date.

The trigger will require the following inputs:

  • GatorMail Instance - The instance of GatorMail.
  • Smart Form Ids – Comma separated list of Smartform identifiers to send submission data for.


If you require any further information on the Spotler and Zapier integration please reach out to our Support Team.