Creating a Report in Sugar CRM

Within Sugar CRM you are able to create contact reports, using a criteria, which you can then attach to a Target List to bring across to CommuniGator with your Campaign.

This can be easier than manually selecting contacts to add to your target list

Creating the Report

  1. Click onto the Reports Tab in your CRM
  2. Create Report
  1. Select the Rows and Columns Report Type
  1. Make sure you select Contacts. The report needs to be a contact report in order to associate with a Target List
  1. Select the Module in the Contact you want to search , this example is Email Address
  2. Select the Field Name
  3. Set your Criteria
  4. Click Next
  1. Select the Module you want to display in your report
  2. Select the Fields, this is purely for your CRM report. The set up of field information that gets bought across to CommuniGator is set up when your integration is set up.
  3. Click Next
  1. Name your Report
  2. Save and Run

You will then see all the contacts that match the criteria and have been added to your report

Associating the Report with your Target List

  1. Go to Target Lists
  2. Click into your Target List
  1. Go to the Contacts tab in your target list
  2. Select the Link Dropdown
  3. Select from Reports
  1. Select your Report

Your contacts in your Report will then be added to your Target List, ready to attach to your Campaign. For instructions on how to set up a Campaign to bring across to CommuniGator click here.