Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide will walk you through the process from start to finish of getting a Campaign out the door. It covers the steps from Importing your audience, to Initiating and viewing the Results. This walkthrough focuses on Traditional Campaign functionality. Please note that the process will be very similar for Quick Campaign, just minus the extra functionalities such as Landing Pages.

1. Upload your audience by going to Audience > Import CSV > Import New. Once you have imported this, ensure that you add them to either an existing group, or create a new one (the Group is what you will attach to your Campaign).

2. Create your Campaign by going to Campaign > Campaigns > Create New. Select either Quick Campaign or Traditional Campaign, dependant on your requirements. Please note that you will not be able to attach Landing Pages or Follow Ups to Quick Campaign.

3. Fill in your Campaign Details - such as start and end date and Sender Alias.

4. Attach your group via the Audience tab of the Campaign. Remember to Count the Audience below the group selector as the system will not allow you to initiate before counting. This removes any contacts who may have already unsubscribed etc.

5. Create your Email under the Email tab of the Campaign. This is where you will dictate the Subject Line of the send. Edit your Email Design as per your requirements using either our GatorMail editor or the GatorCreator editor. You are able to select one of our Styled Templates to use as a base to work off of, or alternatively if you have your own Custom Templates you are able to copy one of those to use. Save and Close when happy with the design.

6. Attach your Landing Page, Survey or Follow Up Campaign if that fits with your requirements, all under the respective tabs of the Campaign.

7. Send a Test using the Send Test Tab of the Campaign, to check that the Email renders correctly in your inbox. We also recommend that you run an Inbox Check as further testing, which will run through various different Spam Filters and will give you an indication on whether your Email will pass those.

8. Initiate your Campaign when you are happy with the settings. Run through any Warnings that might be present, and resolve if necessary. Dependant on your Start Date, the Campaign will either launch immediately, or will be queued for your designated time.

9. View the Results of your Campaign by clicking View Results within your Campaign Details (green button at top of screen), where you can run through results such as Clicks and Opens. You are also able to Export these results, or View them in a Live Results URL which can be forwarded to colleagues with password protection.