How to build a Group using Dynamic Dates

You are able to build groups within GatorMail to send your email campaigns to, using a variety of different “rule” types, including Contact rules and Campaign rules.

There may be some situations in which you need to use a dynamic date rule. For example, grouping together all contacts whos’ contract renewal date is within the next 28 days, or whos’ birthday is within the next 48 hours. These groups can then be attached to Refresh Non-Recurring campaigns for contract renewal quotes, or a “Happy Birthday” message.

1. Contract Renewal

In the example above, it is a Contact Rule. You then select the Contact Field which contains the date in question. Your Operator is “Less Than”, then you must use the Dynamic Date field and enter in the equation above.


D = Date

+28 = looking within the next 28 days

GETDATE() = checking todays’ date


This process can be quite confusing, but in this situation, the Operator is “Less Than”, because the Dynamic Date is looking forward into the next 28 days (+28), so you are looking for a date in time that is less than 28 days ahead.

2. Happy Birthday

The above example is using a Contact Rule again, looking for the BirthDate field (could be titled something different in your own instance), where the date is todays' date.


This dynamic group could then be attached to a Refresh Non Recurring Campaign, with a Birthday message and offer included in the email design.



Hi Elliott Happy Birthday!

Come race at Palmer Motorsport Kart track for free as a happy birthday on us, just bring a paying guest.



The below diagram explains the shorthand that can be used in the value field.