SalesForce Data Sync Quick Start Guide

This guide will show you how to create multiple elements of SalesForce:

Creating a SalesForce Report

To create a Report follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Reports tab inside of SalesForce CRM

2. Click on the New Report button

3. Select the Report Type as Contacts & Accounts and then click Continue

4. Under the Columns tab select the fields that you would like to appear in the report. The two fields required are Contact ID and Email Address. The Unsubscribe field is also highly recommended.

5. Click on the filters tab.

Setting up the Report

1. Add Filter- Enables you to select the field that you would like to query
2. Show Me- Enables you to select the accounts and contacts that you would like to filter by i.e. my contacts or all accounts
3. Created Date- Allows you to select the date of when you would like to search for the data in the account i.e. show me all data from all time or show me data on a custom time basis
4. The Field below the Created Date will display the field that you've chosen to filter by.
5. Once you've built your report click on the Save & Run or Save button to save the report

If you click on the field you will then have the ability to set your search criteria i.e. if it was the country field you could filter by anyone based  in England.

Save the Report

1. Enter in the name of the Report
2. Enter in the Report Unique Name (The name cannot contain any special characters or spaces)
3. If you would like to save the Report into a particular Folder inside of SalesForce, click on the Select Folder button
4. Once you've entered in the above details click Save

Data Sync

DataSync is a tool which enables you to pass the SalesForce Report to GatorMail.

Log into your CommuniGator account and access the GatorMail product

1. Click on the Tools Tab
2. Select Data Sync

Create a new Sync

1. To create a Sync click on the Create New button

2. Enter in the name of the Sync
3. If you would like to, you have the ability to add a description. This is not a required field
4. If you would like to, you can click on the Select button to copy an existing Sync
5. If you click on the Create New button it will then create the Sync

Sync Detail

1. Enter the name of the Sync
2. Select the frequency that you would like the Data Sync to run. The sync will update with new contacts that meet the Report criteria on this frequency
3. Create New - If on the drop down of the schedule you do not find a suitable wait period you've got the ability to create your own wait period
4. Add to Group - If this checkbox is ticked the data will be added to a group inside of GatorMail, if unticked the data will just be passed into GatorMail
5. If Add To Group is ticked you have the ability to tick the option Remove From Group, which means when a contact is removed from the Report inside of SalesForce they will be taken out of the group inside of GatorMail
6. Group - Click on the drop down to select the group that you would like the data to pass into, if left blank it will take name of the Sync (Step 1)
7. Select the Data tab


1. Search for and select the Report you wish to syncronise from SalesForce.
2. Click on the Mappings Tab

Mapping enables you to select the fields that pass over from SalesForce to GatorMail. By bringing over the fields it enables you to personalise your email, apply dynamic content blocks and use the group builder to segment your data.

3. Select the Source Field (this is the name of the field inside of SalesForce)
4. Select the GatorMail field
5. Sync Direction- If there are two arrows it means the information will overwrite CRM, if there is one arrow the information will just pass from SalesForce but will not overwrite the information from GatorMail back to SalesForce
6. Click Add Mapping.

Once the mapping has been added for any future syncs, they will automatically be added.

7. Click on the Save Button
8. Click on the Change State button

9. Click on the drop down and change the Sync State to Enabled, then click Change State

Once you click on the Close button it will redirect you to the Sync list where you can view the Syncs that have been set up.

If you set up the Sync to pass into a group inside of CommuniGator, you will then attach the group to your campaign inside of the GatorMail Campaign.