How to update the Username & Password in Sage SalesLogix for the Auto Login

Sage SalesLogix needs to be configured to use the correct URL, username, and password to allow the auto login from CRM to CommuniGator to work. If the login is entered incorrectly or is ever changed, the Sage SalesLogix settings need to be updated.

To update the login details follow the steps below within Sage CRM...

1. From within SalesLogix click the "CommuniGator" (aka "Sage E-Marketing") menu item.

2. Click "Sage E-Marketing Config".

Updating Sage SalesLogix Auto Login Credentials

Updating Sage SalesLogix Auto Login Credentials

3. Update the Username and Password as required.

4. Click 'OK'.

To edit the URL details you must login to SalesLogix as an administrator as these are global settings. The username and password are per user settings.