Attributes/Contact Fields

This is the table of all available fields within the database.

Please Note: The MAXIMUM number of business objects you can add is 200, anything beyond this can produce performance implications.

Business Objects/Attributes

  1. Add Attribute click here to create a new Contact Field to the database.
  2. Show Filter allows you to apply to search for a field.
  3. Clear Filter allows you to remove the filter/search you applied.
  4. Clicking a letter will show you all Business Objects that start with that letter.
  5. This is the Business Objects Attribute Name.
  6. This is the Database Attribute Name. This name is how it will appear in the database, not to customers.
  7. This is the Display Name, the display name is the name visible to the recipients.
  8. This is the field data type.
  9. Click on the red X to delete the field, this will delete any contact data held within the field so think carefully before hitting delete.
  10. This allows you to choose whether a business object is included in an CSV export file.

Please Note: Do NOT delete any system default fields, please only delete your own custom fields.

How to Create an Attribute/Contact Field

1. Enter the Attribute Name (the database name of the field), the attribute name cannot contain any spaces. and Display Name (the name visible to the recipents). We recommend you have the name of the field in your database as your attribute name, however this is not essential, and the display name as how you want it to appear to others.

2. If you would like to include this field in your contact export i.e. in a contacts details page, then tick this box.

3. Select the Data Type. It can be a simple text box, a true or false field, a list and more.
   For example, if you have a field in your CRM for 'Job Title' which has more than one option, select the drop down option. This allows you to choose from multiple fields.

Note: You cannot have spacing in the name, We_Would_Recommend_The_Use_of_underscore.

True/False Data Type

The True/False option is a popular choice for a contact field. This data type is commonly used within an Unsubscribe/Preference centre, where the contact has the option to select a check box to dictate the types of communications they wish to receive.

1. From the drop down select 'True/False'

2. The True and False Value can be set to any value you wish, e.g. Yes, No, True, False, 0, 1 etc. If you already have a default unsubscribe you can check what this currently uses as it normally makes sense to use the same values for consistency, but please ensure you use the correct values for your setup.

Please Note: If you are integrated to CRM and would like this field to be populated in GatorMail from the CRM, you will need to check the field type and the value that is used in the Database.

For example, Infor will quite often use 'False' in the True value within GatorMail and 'True' within the False value. This is due to the CRM field label and how it is used within CRM.

3. If you are creating a 'Preference Centre' you can use the 'Yes' radio button option, this will display the contacts preference options on the summary of the contact record under audience/Contact/summary, but in the case of creating fields for personalisation, dynamic content or building groups, you would select 'No'.

4. These two options allow you to decide how to treat blank and null values. By ticking the first box you would be including Null values as the True value. By ticking the second box you would be including Blank values as a True value.