Contract Renewal Reminder

What do we want to achieve?

This workflow is used to remind a contact of a contract renewal by checking when their contract renewal date is going to expire, We send them weekly reminder emails to encourage them to renew their contract. The aim of this workflow is to automate the renewal process.

What is the benefit?

This workflow helps remind contacts of when their contract is nearly up and so encourages them to renew the contract. This should hopefully encourage more contacts to renew the contract before it expires. It also notifies the contacts relevant account manager if they don’t renew the contract so that their account manager can then go and take action (personally get in touch with them for example or ensure access is removed etc). By using a workflow to do all of this it makes the process much more timely and it can run in the background rather than checking each date and sending comms out to the contacts manually.

Below is an example of an email reminder the contact could be sent:


The journey:

  1. The contacts enter the workflow via a GatorMail entry stage .
  2. They move to a Store Contact Value stage where the accountmanageremail is stored (this is set to refresh periodically to ensure it’s up to date) for later use in the workflow.
  3. They then move to a condition which runs over the whole year (365 days) and the contact rule within is set to check the ‘ContractRenewalDate’ attribute is less than or equal to the current date/time at evaluation of the condition with a target adjustment of 1 month.
  4. If the contact doesn’t meet this rule within the year wait period then they are pushed out the negative route to a wait period of 1 hour, then to a go to stage which pushes them back into the condition above where the condition will check the contact for another 365 days.
  5. If the contact does meet the rule then they are moved out the positive route to a campaign stage where they are reminded there’s 4 weeks to go till their contract renewal date.
  6. They then move to a wait stage for 7 days
  7. They then move to the second campaign stage where they are reminded there’s 3 weeks to go.
  8. They move to another wait stage for 7 days.
  9. They receive a campaign letting them know there’s 2 weeks to go
  10. They then go to a final wait stage of another 7 days
  11. They then receive the final campaign letting them know there’s just 1 week to go till the contract renewal date.
  12. The contacts are then moved to a condition with a wait stage within it of 7 days which checks if the contract has been renewed by checking a contact rule of ‘ContractRenewed’ being equal to ‘T’.
  13. If the contact meets this rule within the 7 days they are pushed out the positive route to an exit.
  14. If the contact doesn’t meet the rule within the 7 days and hasn’t renewed then they are moved to a send notification stage where the account manager is notified that the contact has not renewed the contract. This notification stage uses the ‘accountmanageremail’ attribute data we stored at the start of the workflow so the notification goes to the relevant account manager for the contact in question.
  15. The contact then moves to an exit stage.


If you have any questions about this workflow or any of the workflows in these case studies, please get in contact with your account manager.