Asset Downloads – Taming the data flood

What do we want to achieve?

With this Asset download process, we gate the asset download so that we can cookie the contact, gather their details (first name, last name email etc.) and then hopefully get them sales ready by gradually sending them related content before a sales person gets in touch.

This workflow works off of the smart form completion for the asset download. The contact fills in the form to receive a copy of the asset in question, the submit rules for the form then trigger a campaign (with the asset download link in) to them outside of the workflow and adds them into a GatorMail group. This group is then used as an entry stage for our workflow journey in which we gradually send them related content they may be interested in before the contacts details are passed to the sales team to

What is the benefit?

By getting the contact to fill in the smart form to get access to the asset you cookie the contact and thus can track their activity on the site from then on as well as gaining more of their contact information. The lead can then be nurtured before being passed to sales and as a result this process should create more inbound leads as we know more about the lead and what they’ve been looking at.

The journey:

  1. The contacts enter the workflow via the GatorMail entry stage (which is the group formed of those that submitted the smart form to receive the original asset)
  2. They enter a wait stage for 4 days
  3. They receive a campaign with related content in.
  4. They enter a wait stage for 4 days
  5. They receive a campaign with related content in.
  6. A notification email is sent to the sales team to notify them the contact has completed the workflow (with the contacts details).
  7. The contacts are added into a group of those that have completed the workflow before moving to the final exit stage.

If you have any questions about this workflow or any of the workflows in these case studies, please get in contact with your account manager.