How to attach a report to a Campaign in Salesforce

This article will run you through how to create a Campaign Activity within your Salesforce environment, then creating a Report, and how to bring the two together to send to your GatorMail instance.

Creating your Campaign

1. To access the list of your campaigns created in Salesforce, select the "Campaigns" tab in the top toolbar.

2. To create a new one, click the "New" button, as shown above.

3. Make sure you give your Campaign a memorable Title, so that it is easy to find later on.

4. Always ensure that you tick the "Active" box if you are intending to send this Campaign to Gator.

5 + 6. The start and end date are required, however you are able to change these later in GatorMail.

Creating your Report

7. To access your previously created Reports (otherwise referred to as Marketing Lists), click the "Reports" tab in the top toolbar.

8. To create a new Report, click "New Report" as shown above.

9. Please select your chosen contact type. We recommend to use Contacts & Accounts or Leads only.

The "Outline" of your Report holds the basic structure of your data. Ensure the "Update Preview Automatically" toggle is pushed ON, so that any changes you make are updated automatically without you needing to refresh.

10. These are the field names that will be pulling in the relevant data from the contact records stored in your Salesforce Environment.

11. Add and Remove column titles here, to personalise the data that is being gathered.

The second tab here is your "Filters". This is where you will refine and hone your list. The example I have shown here demonstrates if I wanted to group together all contacts under the same Company Name, or as the field indicated above reads "Account Name".

12. Select your chosen filter, based upon the data included within contact records.

13. Here is where you will indicate the type of accounts you are collecting; in most cases, All Accounts is selected.

14. Unless you are searching for contacts created within a specific time period, we always recommend to leave this as "All of Time".

15. This is where you will specify the values of contacts that you wish to group together. As you can see from our Example, we have grouped together all contacts who have the name CommuniGator within their Account Name field.

16. Once you have finalised your filters, click "Save & Run". This will collect the results of your selected audience members.

Attaching your Report to your Campaign

Your marketing list should then look something like the above.

17. Now that we have both the Campaign and Report created, we will need to connect the two parts together. Using the dropdown arrow next to the "Edit" button, click "Add to Campaign".

18. Select the Campaign you created earlier. You should then see under the Campaign Activity that the Report (Marketing List) has been attached.

When you are happy with your set-up, click "Send to CommuniGator" on the top right hand corner of the screen, which will push the data to your GatorMail environment.

Once pushed, the Campaign Activity will be visible under the Campaign Selection Screen, and the Marketing List can be found in the Group Selection Screen (Audience > Groups).

If you experience any issues with the above, please contact