Mappings Tab

The Mappings Tab is where you map the fields in your CRM to the fields in CommuniGator

Mappings typically only need to be configured when the integration is first set up or when a new piece of information needs to pass between CommuniGator and the CRM.

1. If this is the first set up or you have added a new field to your CRM that you wish to map to a field in CommuniGator you can click ‘Get Schema’ to request the integration to collect the information. This may take a short period of time to complete.

2. Once you have created or edited a mapping set or a mapping you can click’ Publish Changes’ to make this mapping available.

3. A ‘mapping set’ is the parent record type for the individual mappings. These are typically these are Contact and Lead but it is possible to create others such as Account.

4. Once you have a mapping set e.g. Contact, you can ‘Add a mapping’. A mapping is a record that allows a CRM field to be aligned to a CommuniGator field/business object.
An example we can see here is the CommuniGator contact field is 'FirstName' and that is mapped to the Contact entity field of 'firstname' with a type of string (e.g. text and numbers). Data Cleanse is also ticked.

5. Ticking the 'Data Cleanse' field indicates that CommuniGator is allowed to write back to the mapped field in the CRM to update the value. e.g. if someone unsubscribes that will update the record in CRM.  

6. This cross icon allows you to delete an individual mapping.

7. The pencil icon allows you to edit a mapping you have created.