12 Lead Nurture

When a new Lead is established, you might want to keep them engaged throughout the buying process using a nurture series. By regularly sending them communications, you are keeping your brand awareness fresh in their minds, with the end goal of them purchasing your product/service.

These Nurture series could be off the back of an asset download, or perhaps for a new user series as seen in the example below.

What are the benefits?

This workflow will enable you to keep current and fresh in your prospects’ minds. It gives you the opportunity to offer relevant content to the individual dependant on the intention of the journey. For example, if it is a Lead Nurture series off the back of an Asset Download form, then you could enter them into a series of emails about the different assets you have available. The New User series used in the example above allows us to offer training content to new users at regular intervals.

A 12 Campaign Lead Nurture Workflow can be used for non-engaging audiences and purchased data, with the aim of producing SQL’s, by using engaging content such as “Book a Demo”.

With GatorWorkflow you can setup this journey up ahead of time and leave it to do its thing and also easily amend it if and when needed. Furthermore, you also have the option to add additional stages like conditions (e.g. opened the email or not) and add contacts into an audience group depending on this engagement etc.

One thing to note with this particular workflow is that if you were to keep it as simple as the stages below (without any additional conditions etc.) then you could also create this using ‘campaign series’ rather than using a workflow allowance.

The Journey

  1. Contacts enter the workflow in the GatorMail Group Entry stage. This group could be created off the back of an Asset Download form, or something similar.
  2. Contacts are sent the first GatorMail Campaign
  3. Contacts then enter a wait stage of 14 days
  4. Contacts are then sent Campaign 2
  5. The cycle of Send Campaign > Wait for 14 days is then repeated until all the content has been sent
  6. Once each contact has completed the journey, they then exit the flow.


If you have any questions about this workflow or any of the workflows in these case studies, please get in contact with your account manager.