Workbooks Data Sync Quick Start Guide

This guide will detail how to create a Data Sync between your Workbooks CRM and your GatorMail instance. For more information, please visit Workbook's Knowledge Base Here.

1. Create a Report in Workbooks

Create a Report in Workbooks that contains the criteria you need for your audience list.

2. Under Marketing, select Mailing Lists

3. Click New Mailing List

4. Type in the name for your sync, then select “Create a Dynamic Mailing List”

5. Choose your Report from the dropdown (you can either scroll or search by typing in the name)

6. The “View” will normally be “Details”

7. The “Column” will normally be “Person Reference”

8. Click “Add Members”

9. Tick the box “auto Refresh”

10. Click the + next to “Refresh Schedule” to choose when the data will sync up

11. Under “Synchronise with” Select “GatorMail”

12. Save and Close