Mapping fields between your CRM and CommuniGator using Integration Mappings

The Mappings Tab allows you to add new, as well as edit, previous mappings that you would like to bring across from your CRM System.

To start off head to your chosen GatorMail Instance, select the Tools Tab, then click on Integration from the drop down (Tools -> Integration).

  1. If the field that you are trying to integrate with GatorMail is a new field, you will need to click the 'Get Schema' button. This will refresh the database structure to bring across any new fields that aren't apparent in CommuniGator.
    Be aware that the 'Get Schema' button can take up to 10 minutes to upload the new fields. You can check the status of the 'Get Schema' button by going back to the General tab and when you see green ticks next to 'Field Mapping Updates' this means the 'Get Schema' task has finished.
  2. Clicking this arrow expands the list to show the fields within a certain Mapping set e.g. Contact or Lead which has been expanded above to show the Attributes associated with it.
  3. Select the + symbol to add a new mapping.

Creating an Individual Mapping part 1

Once you have clicked 'Add a mapping set' you will see the above screen.

  1. Click on the arrow of the entity that you would like to map a new field to
  2. Click on the + add a mapping to map anew field
  3. If you would like to remove the field, click on the red X
  4. If you wish to amend the field click on the pencil icon

Creating an Individual Mapping part 2

Once you have clicked on add a mapping you will be presented with the above screen.

1. Select the CommuniGator Attribute name that you want to map to. If it doesn’t appear in CommuniGator you will need to create a business Object in your CommuniGator instance, this can be completed by clicking Audience-Contact Fields - Add New Attribute.

2. Add the CRM Entity Name this will be the mapping set that you are trying to map to i.e. Contact or Lead.

3. CRM attribute name- This is the name of your attribute in your CRM system. The name of the attribute can be found within your Schema table, if you do not have access to the schema table you will need to speak to your internal IT Team or CRM administrator.

4. With the Data Cleanse option selected, it will tell the integration to integrate back the data for this field. This will mean as and when new data is updated in that field it will integrate back to CRM.

5. Once you are happy that the mapping has been set up correctly and is mapping to the field that you wish to share with GatorMail, click on the insert button. If you would like to cancel your changes click on the cancel button.

Publishing the changes

Once you have made any changes to your mappings whether it is deleting a mapping, editing a mapping or creating a brand new mapping, you MUST select publish changes for the information to pull across when you next pull through a campaign.
One thing to note is if you have added a new field the data from your CRM system will not automatically update in GatorMail.

Please be aware that not all integrations will have a publish changes button, the publish will take place on the creation of the field

If you wish to update your contact records you will need to pull a new campaign from your CRM system to CommuniGator for the mappings to update.