Sage SLX (LAN) Quick Start Guide

Building the Group

1. Start in Contacts or Leads

2. Select the Group icon drop down

3. Select Add Group

1. Name your group

2. Select the ‘Conditions’ Tab

(Your CRM Administrator should be able to help you identify the correct tables and fields)

1. Add your conditions using the available tables and fields.

2. Select OK

Building the Campaign and Stage

1. Selecting Marketing from the left menu

2. Right click Campaigns

3. Select New Campaign

4. Name your campaign

5. Click OK (This will take you into the campaign)

1. Select the ‘Targets’ tab

2. Select Manage List

3. Select ‘Add from Group’ button

4. Select your group from the relevant drop down list.

5. Click on OK.

6. Once run click OK (This will return to your campaign)

1. Select the ‘Stages/Tasks’ tab

2. Right click on Stage 1 and select ‘Edit Stage’

1. Set the Description (Name of your campaign)

2. Set the Stage Type (Static or Dynamic)

3. Set the status to ‘complete’

4. OK

1. Select Sage E-Marketing from the top menu

2. Select Launch Sage E-Marketing

Your campaign will be visible in the campaign library of CommuniGator within 5 minutes.