Setting up Spotler Leads to manually assign to CRM Salesforce

This integration is designed to help customers manually decide which leads they want to either associate with their CRM record, or if one does not exist then to create the lead record in the CRM.

So instead of pushing all of the data automatically into the CRM, it is a choice the customer can make which to push and which to keep within the Spotler Leads grid.

How to set up the Integration

Go to Spotler Leads > Admin > Integration Admin > CRM.

Then edit the details as below.

  • Username: Login user for your CRM  Will need permissions that allow for writing to company/account records in Salesforce
  • Password: Password for user
  • Confirm: Password confirmation
  • Token: Token information for your CRM account
  • IP Locked Down: If your Salesforce account is locked down by IP Address, Token is not required.