Orderwise User Guide

This guide aims to support you in making a Marketing List and Marketing Campaign in Orderwise.

For more information on Orderwise Campaign Wizard, please click here.



Add a New Marketing Campaign

Go to your Marketing Module to bring up the list of Marketing Campaigns in your list.


Select 'Add' to start the Campaign Creation. This will launch the wizard.



Campaign Wizard

The first form allows basic details to be filled in, such as Name, Description, and start and end times.

Type is where you set the type of campaign you are creating. These are:

- Postal / Telephone: Selecting either of these options does not require any specific properties to be entered, at this stage. They are used for analysis and reporting purposes.

- Email: Selecting the email type allows for an email provider to be selected using the Email provider drop-down menu below:

- Email provider: Any email marketing campaign provider, available on the current license, will appear within a drop down menu. Here you would select Communigator.



You will then be asked to enter Sender Name and Sender/Reply to email address. These should be the default you use in Communigator.

These settings are pre-populated by the system but can also be amended here if you would like to.



Contacts Form

This is the basis of your marketing list, as here you add all the contacts who you want to send the campaign to.

You can choose to add contacts from a Query. This allows you to pick from queries such as 'All Retail Customers' to pull contacts from. Selecting the magnifying glass will allow you to preview the query results.

Existing Campaign allows you to select from a list of existing campaigns. It will send to all who are in the audience of that campaign.

When Manual is selected, no contacts will be added by default and will need adding from the created campaign form.


Auto add contacts: This setting can only be activated if contacts are selected within Marketing Campaigns using the ‘Query’ option.
Auto remove contacts: This setting can only be activated if contacts are selected within Marketing Campaigns using the ‘Query’ option.

Completing the Campaign

Once you have completed the contacts section, all the information uploaded is processed and contacts are added.

Any errors when uploading a contact to the campaign will be stored against the campaign contact and will be available in the grid.
Errors will be displayed at the time of progressing if the required System Settings are missing or incorrect.

If you create a campaign using an existing campaign ID, the details of the campaign will be downloaded and stored against the marketing campaign.

Each recipient will be matched to contacts in OrderWise using email address.
If an email address matches with more than one contact in OrderWise, the first will be matched by ID and a message will appear.

On successful creation the following screen will appear:

Click 'Finish' and the new campaign will open up in another screen.

The Communigator Tab

The Communigator Tab shows you overall statistics for all CommuniGator campaigns.
Any data retrieved from CommuniGator is returned for all campaigns and will return new data only since the last request

When gathering clicks, opens and unsubscribe statistics the results are returned for all campaigns and not only the campaign being edited.
Therefore, when editing a CommuniGator campaign, the refresh button on the Contacts Tab will not retrieve new contact results, it will only upload new contacts.
However, it will refresh overall campaign statistics.