Store Value Stage

This stage will store a value into a named location for later use in the Workflow. This could be used as a result of a condition where the member then has a value stored against them.

Another use is if a person has visited a case study on your website you may want to store a number associated with that action, so you can then add this to a lead score later on in the workflow.

The screen below is displayed on dragging the stage onto the canvas.

Store Value
  1. Give the Stored Value a name
  2. Type the value to store (this could be text or a number)

For more information on using Stored Values, please read the following article.

Why use Store Value?

1) Lead Gen Workflow - reward people on their journey

When a recipient positively engages with content in your Workflow you add a certain number of points to their store value.
At the beginning of the Workflow have a store value stage and set it to 0.
At each point where someone engages positively in the workflow such as a website click, use a condition to identify the action , using a condition stage, that leads them to a store value stage.
This then adds a certain number of points to their store value.

Different store values can have different names which you come up with.
In this particular example, we were looking for anyone over 30 points to be removed from the workflow and the Sales Owner notified on exit. So we called it 'Points Removal'.


2) Lead Score

You could also use a store value to add further points to the contacts GM or GL Lead Score based upon their journey through the Workflow.