GatorMail Group Entry

This adds new members to a Workflow when they enter a GatorMail group. Dragging the GatorMail Group Entry stage to the canvas shows the screen below.

Selecting an existing group

  1. Select the Group from the drop down list
  2. You can choose to create a group instead of using an existing group.
  3. Or you can edit the group you have selected.
  4. Tick this box if you want to change the state of a group member when they exit the group. This will expand and provide multiple options for you to choose from.
  5. You have three options of state change: Remove whilst preventing Workflow re-entry, Remove allowing Workflow re-entry, and Pause with resume on group re-entry.
  6. Once you are satisfied, select 'Ok' to add the block to the canvas.


Creating a Group

Creating a Group
  1. Select 'Create Group'
  2. This will show a second screen allowing you to name the new group.
  3. Select the GatorMail folder you would like to create your group (Leave as 'Root' for the top level folder)
  4. Click 'Create'

Editing a Group

Editing a Group

If you would like to go to the GatorMail Group Builder, you can

  1. Select a group from the list
  2. Hit 'Edit Group'

Choose where to Edit the Group

Choose where to edit the Group

You are then presented with a choice to edit the group in the current or other window.  choose your preference.

For more information on using the GatorMail Group Builder, see How to create a group based on rules.