What role should I give to a user?

This article will explain what roles there are to assign to users, and what those roles can access in terms of the CommuniGator Suite.

To know how to create a GatorLeads account, please read this article here.


Being assigned as an admin gives you access to all functions in CommuniGator.  

It allows you to:

  • Create and delete users
  • Control user access to programmes
  • Monitor all user activity
  • Assign leads and reports
  • Create campaigns
  • Spend purchased credits


Being assigned as a Lead enables you to:

  • Assign leads to other users
  • Monitor leads under other users accounts


Being assigned as Sales usually means you are from the sales department in your company.

It enables you to:

  • Monitor leads only assigned to your user account


Being assigned as Reports allows you to:

  • Receive reports by email

Your report settings can be changed by an Admin to restrict which reports you receive


Being a Purchase user simply means you only have access to spend credits your company have paid for.

These credits are used to purchase emails to start a conversation with a person in a company you are targeting.

For example, you may want to speak to a marketing manager from a company, but do not know how to get in touch with them. Credits allow you to purchase the email of that marketing manager.

Due to the new GDPR rules, finding company/individuals emails will be harder


Being an export user means you can export reports and data, which will appear in the  'Export Management' tab.