What GatorLeads can do for you!

Gator Leads is a sophisticated tracking software to create and nurture 'Leads', as well as monitoring 'Competitors' and 'Clients'.

Our software allows you to see who clicks on certain parts of your website, assign a points system for 'Lead' ranking, obtain company information to create a connection, and nurture your existing clients.

Page Scoring

Page scoring allows you to assign a score to pages on your website. When someone clicks on pages they begin to accrue a score. This total score, which you can see in 'Reporting' for each visitor, is an indicator of how interested they are in your company/services.

For example, your 'Free Trial' page may have a high score of 60. If they visit this page three times and accrue a score of 180 then it is safe to assume that they are interested, perhaps contemplating, doing a free trial of your product.


When setting page scores it is advisable to follow the scoring system your Account manager recommends, as they will know the best way for the pages to reflect their importance to you.

When creating page scores, you will usually set up categories.
These categories can reflect sections of your website e.g. 'Sales'. This allows you to monitor and search the page scores of a section.

As you can see below, the page 'WOW Analytics Login' has a score of 5. This is a very low score as the login page is not a very important page for leads.


A personal URL (PURL) is a unique shortened URL created specifically for a single person, that will allow tracking of the individual contact rather than just their company.
As a 1 to 1 web link, you could use this in a personal outlook style email to alert you when your contact has visited the supplied link.

This is particularly useful when only one member of a company is a potential lead.

Here you can see the PURL form. A really useful feature this has is that you can tick a box which sets an alert to be sent to you when the PURL is used.

You also have to connect the PURL to a campaign, which enables you to follow it through the campaigns tab.

You can see that there is a section called 'Campaign Name'. Here you can name it using a UTM value.
A UTM value allows you to track certain leads who has certain UTM values. For example, you could name this PURL 'utm_campaign=new_pricing' which when searching in 'My Leads', will bring up the new pricing campaign this PURL is assigned to.

You can also search for 1to1 in the 'Campaign Medium' filter which will bring up any campaigns with a UTM value of 1to1. These will be PURLs.

Alert Creation

Alerts are notifications you can send to yourself and your colleagues.
You can also insert contact information into a group when a lead or contact has met the criteria for an alert.

You can monitor your alerts under the 'Alerts' tab.
When setting an alert you will set a name for the alert which can relate to a group name. It will have a start run date and end run date.
You can set the frequency of the alerts you receive i.e. weekly.

With a sliding tab, you can set whether the alerts are on or off as you only have a certain contracted amount of live alerts.

For alerts you will have to set rules. These rules determine what your alert will be based on. These can be page visits, campaign names, keywords, etc.
Always remember to TURN ON the rules for each alert.

If you have more than one rule for an alert they become 'AND Rules'. This means the lead will have to click on one rule AND another rule for an alert to be triggered.

URL Alert Creation

Setting a rule based on a particular page a contact has visited, by using the page URL is known as a URL Alert.

Do be aware that when creating a URL Alert you can only apply it to a page which has a tracking code on.

Lead Banding

As visitors to your site build up a score, they can be placed into bands. These 'Lead Bands' range from 'Hot' to 'Cold' and are displayed on a chilli scale.

You can edit the value of lead bands to reflect the importance of page scoring to you.
The visual below reflects the scores we believe are appropriate and their category.

Lead Scoring is useful in Marketing Automation because it helps to ensure the type of communication that is appropriate for the recipient based on their Lead Score.
Generally speaking, the higher the Lead Score, the more likely the contact will be to engage with in-depth content or other messages which have a more direct proposition.

Parallax Websites

If you host a parallax website i.e. a website that is hosted on a single page with anchor type links that take you further down the page, then you will need some additional code to ensure your clicks register separately on your page.

In addition to the standard WOW tracking code, you will need the code in this article

Custom Lead Types

Custom lead types are leads you create which fulfill certain criteria you set.

For example, you can add a different name for a 'Lead' i.e. 'Creator'. These new leads will appear on your leads grid for quick access.

This allows you to customise your marketing automation service even further.

For more information on 'Custom Lead Types' please click here.

Gator Leads Insights

Insights is a powerful addition to the WOW analytics platform.

It can show you the companies who visit your site and break them down into:

  • Traffic
  • Industries
  • Countries
  • Company Size
  • Company Position

and many more of your choosing.

You can customise what insights you receive!


AdWords and UTM values interplay within any campaign.

Google bought Urchin and re-branded it to Google Analytics several years ago, but the concept hasn't changed.

UTM tagging on your account will allow you to see:

  • The campaign source
  • The medium used (banner, email etc.)
  • The unique ad ID
  • The keyword used in the search engine

Within your Google AdWords account you set the tracking template to follow and the keywords.
These keywords will be your 'adwords' and and the UTM values will be carried over.

For more information on UTM values and AdWords, please read the document here.


Auto-nurture is a feature in GatorLeads which allows you to create reports designed to automatically generate leads for you based on certain criteria.

Your reports can be created to send at certain times, on certain days. Or you can send them manually, the choice is yours.

You also have available to you your purchased credits which you can use to buy company information for contact purposes.

To learn more in depth about our Auto-Nurture function, please read this article.