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Setting up GatorMail Lead Scoring

Tools - Lead Score Set Up

Tools - Lead Score Set Up

Clcik on the Tools tab and select the Lead Score Set Up option from the drop down

Click on the button Add New Lead Score Category

1. Enter in the name of what you would like to call the Lead Score Category1

2. Click on the Create New Lead Score Category

1) Select the default scores for each of the CommuniGator actions (the survey function is only if you use the survey tool within side of GatorMail not Single Sign On)

2) Select the aliases that you're looking to assoiciate a score with

3) Enter in the score you would like to assign to the alias

4) Once you're happy with the score assigned to the alias click the update button. (You will need to do this for each catogrey)

Once you've assigned the scores to each of the aliases click on the Save and Close button

Applying your lead score category to your GatorCreator email

You can apply lead score category to links, images and buttons within GatorCreator, this step will be walking you through how to apply the lead score category to text.

1) Highlight the text

2) Select the insert link/mailto

1) Click on the drop down and select the Lead Score Category that you would like to associate with the link

2) Enter in the Lead Score Value you would like to associate with the link. It will take the default score set up within the Lead Score Category, however if you believe the link score should be increased or decreased you have the option to change this

3) Once you've assigned the category and score to the link click on the Insert button