Page Scoring Guide

Once you have set your tracking code up you need to score your pages. This is a really important step to make sure the RIGHT leads are coming through as HOT leads. This article will provide a detailed look at Page Scoring in GatorLeads, including what they are and how to set them up.

What are Page Scores?

Page Scores are a series of categorised scores which rank the importance of pages on your website.

For example, you may be a company which sells events packages. On your website you have pages that give information about the company, packages you provide, and enquiry forms. With Page Scores you can rank your enquiry form pages as higher than 'About Us', or 'Our Product Range' as this shows people are interested in buying.



Scoring Existing Pages

Select 'Admin' -> 'Page Admin' -> 'Page Scores'.


You will see above the Page Score Dashboard.
Here lives all of your pages and their associated scores.

  1. To start changing page scores find the page URL you wish to edit and select 'Edit'.


This will bring up a new window as shown above.
You will see the Page URL, Page Alias, Page Score, and the category it belongs to.

2. Simply change the score here.
3. Then select 'Save Changes'.
4. If you want to add the page to another category, you can do so here.



You also have the option to edit score and category on mass. This can be done by using a page alias or a URL.

  1. Enter the Alias or Page URL here.
  2. Select the media. It could be a page, video, download, etc.
  3. Select the category to search for.
  4. Select a website version.
  5. Choose what score to give the pages.
  6. Choose what category to put the pages in.
  7. Update.



Scoring New Pages

Of course, at some point you will probably create a new page for your website!
The New Page Filters section automatically picks up any pages that are new on your website and orders them in descending score order.
So to edit the score of any new page, simply click the edit icon on the far right column. You’ll then be able to edit the score of your new page too.

As soon as your scores have been assigned, your lead grid in your GatorLeads platform will start to fill up with visitors as they visit your web pages and build up their own score!