The HTML Editor Dashboard

The Editor is fairly similar in every area of the product, however a few icons differ depending on where the editor is accessed from. For example, the Landing Page Editor has Web Capture Icons that you won't find in the Email Editor.

  1. Save & Close Tool Bar
  2. Editor Tabs
  3. Design Features

Save & Close Tool Bar

  1. Save and Close - This will save your work and close the editor, taking you back to the main email menu.
  2. Save - This will save your work and keep you within the Editor.
  3. Close - This will close the editor, taking you back to the main email menu without saving your work.
  4. Save and Preview - This will save your work and open a pop up window with a preview of your design.
  5. Snapshot Manager - This will show you the auto-saves of your work, in which you can revert back to if needed.

View Design Tabs

View Design Tabs
  1. HTML - This shows the HTML version of the Email Design.
  2. Text - This shows the Text version of the Email Design.
  3. Details - This shows you the details of the Email (see example below)

Details Screen

  1. Name - This is the name of your email design and is visible in the main email menu.
  2. Description - This can be used to give yourself more information about the email design, it is visible on the main email menu.
  3. Lead Category - If you use Lead Scoring then this is where you would select which category the open score will accumulate against.
  4. Lead Category Score - This is how many points a contact will score in the above selected category for opening this email.
  5. Character Set - This is the character set that the email design is using, the most common used one is Unicode (UTF-8)

The breadcrumb string is, as shown above, the sequence of blue words.
These words each have their own meaning and show you features of the email depending on what you have clicked on in the email.

You can see above that there is a DIV tag. This act as a divider. This then leads on to a TABLE tag, indicating the start of a table.
All of the tags are fairly obvious in their function and you can click on them individually and remove them. When removing them you will see the change in your email design.