Time Zone Sending Explained

Timezone sending looks at the contact IP and historic events (workflow rules, campaign opens, unsubscribes, link clicks, etc) to determine the timezone an audience member is located within.
This means if your campaign is set to send out at 11am, it will send out to those where it is currently 11am in their timezone. So it will only send out to contacts where the timezone hour matches that of the start date.

To explain...

I have a campaign starting on today's date at 15:00 GMT. This means it will send the email campaign to us in the UK at 15:00.
If a contact in the audience is located in France then they would receive the campaign when it is 15:00 their time.
If the checkbox to 'send to contacts whose current hour has passed' is ticked, it would send to someone where 15:00 had passed in their timezone.

Whereas if the timezone sending is off then the campaign would send out at 15:00 GMT time and would be received by contacts whenever the email reaches their inbox e.g. 16:00 in France.

How is it enabled?

You need to request this feature from your Account Manager or email support@communigator.co.uk. This is because we have to enable this functionality for you.
Once enabled it needs to be set up using the Wizard by yourself.

Once configured you can tick the box to enable timezone sending and it will apply to all of the campaigns in your instance.

Using Timezone Sending

In Tools -> System Defaults you will find a section called 'TimeZone Sending Defaults'.

Using the wizard you can set whether to use TimeZone Sending and whether to enable emails to 'send immediately when the hour in time zone has passed'.


If you have any issues with this feature then please email in to support@communigator.co.uk.