Creating a new Article

This article will instruct you on various aspects of creating an article, a piece of content which can draw in pieces of news, blog posts, etc for use in your emails.

The first step is to hover over the "Creative" tab and click "Article".


Creating the Article Framework

  1. Add New Article


2. Enter the name of your article

3. Add the new article

4. You also have the option to copy an existing article



Creating the Content

As you can see a new screen will show up for you to continue the Article creation.

You will need to fill out the fields shown.

Title - Already populated as it assumes the title as the one you typed when the Article was created, although this can be changed

Email short description - Here you will type a short description (summary) of the article.


'read more' link to Web Address

Where do you want the 'read more' link to go to -

  1. Web Address - If you want to use an existing website or web page with the full article click the radio button.
  2. Type in the Web Address to this field.


Where do you want the 'read more' link to go to -

  1. Landing Page - If you need to create a page containing the full article rather than sending the user to a web page, click the radio button.
  2. Type the full article text in the Landing Page Long Description field.


Drop down 'Read more'

Read more text - Here we will define how we will link the short text with the full article.

  1. By default, "Read more >>" is set but you have other options, such as See this article>>, More>> or you can type your own text on Custom Link Text


Start date / Expiry date

Start date / Expiry date
  1. Publish Date - Here you can define the starting date of the article, so you can set up a new article to come up days/weeks in advance.
  2. Article does not expire - This option will allow your article not to have an expiration date (if ticked).
  3. Expiry Date - Here you can define the expiry date of the article.


Adding images

To add images to your article you will need to select the Image tab and a new screen will show, here we will have 1 or 2 options for images. If you selected the option Landing Page for the Where do you want the 'read more' link to go to option, then you will have the 2 options as shown above.

  1. Short Description Image
  2. Long Description Image


Please note: the image for the short description should not exceed 100x100 pixels, in the case it does the system will automatically resize it.



After everything is filled out and all the images inserted to finish your article you just need to click Save and Close.


Please note: It is advisable that throughout the creation of the article you save on regular intervals so if you close the article by accident not all the information will be lost and you can resume from the last save.