Dynamic Content Blocks

Dynamic content is used to send one email, with different content, imagery and buttons, to the group associated with the campaign depending on the values stored in CommuniGator's database.  

For example, tailoring the content could be sending out a newsletter displaying articles that are relevant to the recipients job title. i.e. if the job title is marketing they would receive that related content.


1. Insert the content, imagery, or read more button for the dynamic content area.
2. Select the icon that looks like a jigsaw puzzle to set your dynamic criteria.

Setting the Block Rules

1. If you're looking to add content to the area that is built up of multiple rules, you have the ability to change the rule from "Any" to "All". -

   - Any = any rule criteria allows the recipient to have any one of the rules if they meet the criteria.

   - All = they must meet all of the criteria listed in the rule.

2. Field-
   Select the field that you would like to set the dynamic content around. The field list is built up of the fields that exist within your Contact Fields. In order for the dynamic content to work you need to ensure that data is imported into the relevant fields either via a CSV import or via the integration with your CRM System.

3. Operator-
   Select the operator which allows you to narrow or expand the focus of your search. For example, 'Is Equal To' is a direct match of your value, whilst 'Is Like' is similar to your value.

4. Value-
   This value is what the recipient has to have/meet. In the above example, anybody who works in the 'position' 'which is like' 'marketing' has the content displayed.

5. This allows you to create another rule for the Dynamic Content.

6. Allows you to group rules together.

7. Save Dynamic Content-
   Will save the dynamic content block


As demonstrated above, you will be able to identify the block that has had dynamic content applied to it as it is highlighted in a green dashed border.

To amend the dynamic content click on the jigsaw puzzle icon.