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Workflow Exercise Three (a): Clone-Entry-Campaign-Condition-Campaign-Exit

In this exercise we look at cloning a Workflow and introducing a condition.


Step 1. (New Workflow)

1. Select 'Copy a Workflow' from the drop down menu.

2. Provide the name of your Workflow using your full name and EX3 e.g. Elliott Palmer EX3

3. Select the last Workflow you created e.g. Elliott Palmer EX2

4. Make sure the Workflow is held in the Workflow training folder.

Step 2. (Deleting Waits & Re-Linking Stages)

Step 2. (Deleting Waits & Re-Linking Stages)

1. Delete the wait stage from your current Workflow.

2. Now link the entry stage to the 'Send Email Campaign - Gator Workflow One' stage by dragging from entry to the desired stage.

3. Delete the link from the 'Send Email Campaign' stage to the exit stage by selecting the link bar.

Step 3. (Adding a condition)

1. Drag and drop a condition stage on to the canvas.

2. Under the description add 'Video watched'.

3. Select the 'Wait Period' tab.

4 Select 'Execute rules periodically until a wait period is reached'.

5. Set the hours to 24.

6. Select the rules tab

7. Click 'Add a rule'

8. Select the rule type of 'GatorMail Campaign'.

9. Select the rule type of 'Single campaign'

10. Select the 'Gator Workflow One' campaign

11. Select the action of 'Landing Zone Hit'

12. Select the 'Gator Workflow Video'

13/14. Click OK

Step 4. (Re-join Stages)

Step 4. (Re-join Stages)

1. Join 'Gator Workflow One' to the condition

2. Join the negative part of the condition to the exit 'EX2'

Step 5. (New Campaign)

1. Drag and drop a new 'Send Email Campaign' on to the canvas

2/3. Select 'GatorWorkflow Two' from the drop down menu & Click OK

4. Join the positive part of the condition to 'Gator Workflow Two'

Step 6. (Exit)

Step 6. (Exit)

1. Drag and drop a new exit on to the canvas

2/3. Do not supply an exit value & Click OK.