Exercise - Triggered Notifications

These are emails that are triggered to send once a contact clicks through to a Landing Page.  These are not the same as follow up actions since follow up’s can only be sent to contacts.  

Notifications can be sent to a contact also but can also be sent internally to let you know that a contact has carried out an action.  This happens as soon as the action is complete.

Some uses for notifications:

Contact clicks a link that says ‘Please send me some more information on this topic’.  This can then send a single email back to the contact, not a full campaign.

Contact clicks a link to say ‘Please renew my subscription’.  This can then generate an email back to the contact thanking them for their renewal, whilst also emailing the accounts team all of the contact’s details so they may raise an invoice.

Contact clicks a link that says ‘Please contact me’.  This then sends an email to the account manager asking them to call their customer.

Exercise  Triggered Notifications

You are now going to create a Triggered Notification that will send an email to an account manager when a contact clicks on the ‘Contact Me’ link within your email.  This will be done in two parts:

  • The email to be sent (The Notification)
  • The sending mechanism (The Trigger)

Step 1.

Step 1.

Create an email with a link to a Landing Page, use the text "Contact Me" as the link text

Step 2.

Step 2.

1. Create a new blank email called ‘[Your Name] contact customer’

2. Type the following text “Request for contact.  Please contact your customer below”

3. Insert a table with 3 rows and 2 columns.

4. Insert the following text into the table, including the custom links

5. Feel free to style this email (Fonts etc) however you like.

6. Save & Close.

Step 3.

The Notification Trigger

The trigger is an action that is attached to a Landing Page at campaign level.  This will also include the email that should be sent once that particular Landing Page has been hit by a contact, As well as details of who to send to and subject line etc.

1. Open your campaign and go to the Landing Page tab.

2. Click on the attached Landing Page pencil (this will open further options on the page)


Step 4.

Step 4.

3. Click ‘Add’ next to notifications grid.

4. Fill in the form, selecting the notification email you created & Apply.

5. Now send yourself a test.