Exercise - Campaign Series

Campaign series is a great way of sending a series of predefined messages to your audience in a predefined timescale. This could range from a single email to as many as you can build. The sending can be set for immediate, hours, days, weeks, months, or even years!


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Step 1.

Step 1.

Create 3 emails each with the heading of CS1,2,3. You can create further content within these emails, links etc... to add to your testing

Step 2.

Create 3 campaigns and attach the 3 emails that you created to each one, CS1 email to CS1 campaign etc...

On each campaign you must make sure that each one has the action type of "Campaign Series" selected

Make sure the end date of your campaign will not expire before you need the email to be sent

Note: The audience tab has been removed as the audience is attached on the Campaign Series level under tools & Campaign Series

Step 3. (Test!)

Step 3. (Test!)


Step 4.

Initiate all 3 campaigns!

Note: These will not be sent to any audience members as yet as they have no audience members associated with them

Step 5.

Step 5.

Create a new campaign series found under tools

Step 6. (Campaign series setup)

1. The name you created for the series.

2. Select your audience group.

3. Select Action Type;

Static (contact count will remain the same)

Refresh Non-recurring (Contact count can increase if you add new members to the group)

Note: When a new contact is added they will start at the being of the series.

4. If you would like to suppress contacts during the series, this will need to be selected. You will need an exclude group within the current group that is attached to the series for this to work.

For more information on excluding groups please refer to the groups section within the Online Help.

5. Select series start date

6. Series end date (this will stop any new contacts being added to the series)

Campaign Selection

Campaign Selection

Select each campaign CS1,2,3

Set the first campaign "CS1" to be sent Immediate

CS2 & CS3 should each be set with one hour delays



Step 8.

Initiate the Campaign Series


1. View results of all campaigns within the series

2. View results individually of each campaign used within the series