GatorMail - v7.29.0 - November 2022

What's Fixed:

GM-6003 - Data Sync Error 

GM-5253 - Update UTM tracking text

GM-5712 - Deletion of GatorMail templates

GM-6051 - Email design from different campaign displaying when viewing the designs in the inbox checker after full campaign test initiated

GM-6056 - Links created by contact field data do not work if a '/' is included

GM-6063 - Adding a add to group filter within SmartForm results

GM-6075 - Activity reports sticking when setting dates

GM-6019 - New GatorMail instance full test functionality greys out send test box

GM-6077 - Contacts UI Bug

GM-6090 - Unable to submit form due to Netsuite stating that the CustomerStatus is incorrect

GM-6057 - Mandatory fields in events double box

GM-6061 - Blue error message when accessing deploy to web when category is selected in event

GM-6082 - Event reminder emails do not pull through some custom event fields

GM-4240 - Non-business emails entering business web capture form

GM-6093 - Dynamic content block rules not working

GM-6095 - Clicks not feeding through to creative tab

GM-6099 - Batch sending hourly instead of every 15 minutes.

GM-6106 - Update GM campaign results hover over text for some of the results

GM-6092 - Initiated campaign requiring approval when it should not have 

GM-6104 - Stop the LastLoggedIn date column from being updated when a user is being impersonated.