GatorMail - v7.28.0 - July 2022

What's Fixed:

GM-5781 - Making the mapping/ publish changes 

GM-5866 - Space at beginning of landing page name and alias causes results to not show

GM-5927 - Boxes on the browser breakdown tab of campaign results do not contain legend

GM-5930 - Location Breakdown Error 

GM-5941 - issue in campaign results when link alias has special character , for instance an apostrophe

GM-5945 - Receiving blue error message when trying to go back into a campaign after sending a test

GM-5951 - Social Media button in campaign results

GM-5953 - Smart Form Pre-populating issue 

GM-5967 - Unable to move events to a different folder

GM-5978 - Re-authorize button on GotoWebinar configuration screen does not work

GM-5979 - Expected Send N/A

GM-5983 - Don't allow spaces in the 'Sender Email Address (FROM)' field

GM-5999 - Unable to generate survey period reports in GatorMail activity reports

GM-6002 - Send to a friend preview email function needs updating and to display what the email will look like

GM-6016 - Error in Dynamics integration caused by invalid queue data insert

GM-6020 - Preferences being written back to CRM when they are not apart of the smartform

GM-6038 - Unable to create folders in the events module when clicking on the add new folder icon