Creating a Campaign Series

This where all your Campaign Series live, you can move items into folders to help keep your Campaign Series tidy.

Campaign Series Dashboard

1. This option will hide or show the folder tree.

2. Click here to add a new Campaign Series.

3. Click here to use the filter search option. Click here again to remove the filter/search you applied.

4. Clicking a letter will show you all Campaign Series that start with that letter.

5. These are the tick boxes for selecting multiple Campaign Series at once when moving them to different folders.

6. This is the name of the Campaign Series.

7. This is the description of the Campaign Series, the description is not searchable but can still be useful.

8. This is the date the Campaign Series was created.

9. This is the status of the Campaign Series.

10. This is the action you can take on the Campaign Series such as Initiate or looking at Results.

11. Select the bin icon to delete the series.

12. This is your folder tree.




Series Details

  1. The name of your series
  2. The group you have chosen to be the audience
  3. The campaign type, you have a choice of Static and Refresh Non-recurring
  4. The start and end date of the series
  5. Tickbox for deduping the audience to ensure the same contact is not there twice

The campaigns that you use for the series must be tested and initiated prior to adding them to a Campaign series!

Remove Contacts

  1. Search for contact to be removed from series.
  2. Remove all contacts from series. 

Note: This is only available when the Campaign Series has be initiated.

Results can be found on the individual campaign as usual