GatorMail - v7.27.0 - April 2022

What's Fixed:

GM-5958 - Integration mapping tab validation

GM-5955 - Landing zone URL not being updated within campaigns when the sending domain is changed unless the campaign is saved and closed

GM-5946 - SendForensics 'fail' result in test centre for successful tests

GM-5934 - Templates Events spelling mistake

GM-5931 - Remove ability to edit booking button size in events module

GM-5925 - Business Email Validation in Smartform not working

GM-5918 - Recommendations Count in Spam and Inbox Checker is wrong

GM-5914 - Disparity between initiated campaign status and finished campaign status on the campaign dashboard and from within the campaign

GM-5912 - Unable to use 'edit' button in event 'field visibility' area when display name of field is very long

GM-5872 - New campaign screen UI - Send to a friend link bug

GM-5869 - New campaign UI - Notification email issues

GM-5868 - New campaign screen UI -Time Zone Sending defaults

GM-5838 - Email validation in smart forms does not block invalid email addresses