Domain Setup Guide

This guide details setting up a sending domain with Spotler for your email marketing identity. When completed you will be able to send emails from Spotler that visibly use your domain identity.

Do not follow the steps in this guide without understanding what your sending domain means. 

To authorize Spotler to send email on your behalf, please set the DNS records displayed below for your company business domain.

All domains used with Spotler must have the root domain configured with a website and your mail servers able to receive mail for that domain. This is so anyone who visits it will see a branded website, and anyone who send emails to it will go to mail servers under your control. This domain setup only points a subdomain to Spotler.  

Follow the steps below to complete the domain setup:

  1. Check your DMARC setup
  2. Setup your DNS records
  3. Create the DKIM
  4. Checking your DNS is set up correctly
  5. Contact support

Check your DMARC setup

When using a domain with Spotler you must ensure you have a DMARC record configured on it.  This DMARC record should include a reporting address where the DMARC reports are sent.  This can be to a business address or 3rd party DMARC service.  There is no global requirement at this time for the DMARC policy to be higher than "none", however this will not always be the case and "quarantine" or "reject" should be used instead.

To read more about DMARC please visit our help article here...


Setup your DNS records

It is important to note, that you are not overwriting any of your DNS records.  You are only adding new records and updating existing ones.  

The DNS settings to configure for your domain are:

Name Type Value If you DO have this record then...

A N/A - you must create this new record MX
(priority 1)
N/A - you must create this new record TXT v=spf1 ~all N/A - you must create this new record


This is an example record only.

v=DMARC1; p=reject rua=mailto:<;

Your DMARC record should include a reporting email address to receive said reports and should ideally be set to "quarantine" or "reject".


Add this record from the SocketLabs DKIM Generator below.

N/A - you must create this new record


v=spf1 ~all

If you already have a TXT SPF record on your root domain do not edit it to match this one. Instead only add "" into yours.

If you do not have one this record is suitable to use but we recommend you include your business sending into it as well.

If you are setting up a domain that is not being used anywhere else.  Therefore it is 100% being used for Spotler, then please use this DMARC record instead that has a stronger enforcement policy of "reject"...
Name Type Value If you DO have this record then...


v=DMARC1; p=reject;;

If you already have a TXT DMARC record on your root domain do not edit it to match this one.  You can continue to use the one you already have.


Create the DKIM

Part of the DNS setup mentioned in the table above requires generating a new DKIM for your domain. Socketlabs is the DKIM wizard we recommend for generating your keys. Head to the following URL for access:

  1. For "Step 1: Enter in your domain info":
    1. Domain Name is your company business domain e.g. "".
    2. Key Selector set to 'sg'.
    3. Leave the other options as their defaults unless you know you need to change them.
    4. Select "Generate" to create the DKIM key.
  2. Follow the "Step 2: Create your public DNS record" exactly as instructed. 
  3. For "Step 3: Save the private key to your SMTP server" please copy this private key, save it to a text file, and send it to

It is crucial that the format of the key you have copied is exactly the same as the output from SocketLabs, otherwise the authentication will fail.

Checking your DNS is set up correctly

As a reminder, these must be checked and point to the correct location or your domain reputation could be impacted.

  • You created the new subdomain A, MX, and TXT records such as with the values from the table above.
  • You created or already have the TXT record for the DMARC authentication such as You either added the record we provided or already had one so no change was needed.
  • You created a TXT record for the DKIM authentication such as using the private key from the DKIM generator. Don't forget to send us the private key so we can setup our side.
  • You created or updated the TXT record for SPF authentication on your root domain such as This record must contain "". You either added the record we provided or edited your existing record to include ours.

Contact support

Email Spotler Support on, and provide us with the domain name you have setup, and the text file containing the private key from SocketLabs during the DKIM set up.

We will check the domain is setup correctly and test the different authentications. If everything is correct, we will add the domain into your instance making it available immediately for use.

Please Note: If you are unsure of the steps outlined in this guide, please speak to your IT department or, for help and advice, do not hesitate to contact