Campaign - Audience (Campaign New UI)

The audience tab within the campaign is where you attach the audience you wish to send to.


1. Here you pick the group you wish to attach.

2. You must count the audience to see group data.

If you do not count the audience then the group will be unattached when you move onto the next stage of your campaign set up.

Audience Selection Criteria

Within the campaign selection criteria you are able to build an audience to send your campaign to from within the campaign.

If you tend to build a different audience based upon contact criteria that you have stored within GatorMail each time you send, then this is a particularly good method as this reduces the amount of groups created for single time sending.

  1. Select Audience Selection Criteria.
  2. Click the Add Criteria icon.
  3. Select the attribute you wish to filter your audience members by.
  4. Select an operator from the list, in this example we have chosen 'Equal to' as we are looking for an exact match.
  5. You can select from a list of existing values stored against existing contact records.
  6. Using this selection you are able to manually add the value you are looking for and apply a wild card using the percentage, symbol '%'
  7. Click Apply Criteria, you may also cancel at this stage.

Please Note: It is possible to apply multiple conditions using the 'AND'  and 'OR' command.

Count Audience

  1. This is the total count of the audience attached.
  2. This is the number of contacts that will not be sent to as they have been suppressed due to being marked as opted out, according to the Unsubscribe attached to the Campaign.
  3. This is the number of contacts in the audience that will not be sent to as they have been suppressed due to having hit the bounce limit. (These contacts will have previously Hard Bounced or have Soft Bounced 3 times).
  4. This is the number of duplicate contacts in your audience.
  5. This is the final number of contacts that will be sent the campaign.

Please Note: the final audience count does not remove duplicates, these are done immediately before the send if the feature is enabled on your account. It also does not take into account any suppressions made under the 'Suppress Domain' section. These are done immediately before the send.