How to Resend a Campaign (Campaign New UI)

Once a Campaign has been initiated you may wish to resend the campaign to the whole audience or to a selected individual. This can be done on the Resend tab within the campaign.

If your campaign has failed to send, once you have fixed the issue you can resend it here.

Resending a Campaign

  1. Click the 'Resend' tab.
  2. Select an option from the three resend types.

Selected Individual will send the email to specified individuals.

All Failed Emails will send emails which failed to send to all audience members it could not send to. You are also able to export all failed contacts so you know who you are resending to and why they failed.

All Campaign Audience will send to all audience members of the campaign.
3. Once you are ready hit the resend button and the send will be initiated.

If you are resending to a selected individual a box will appear with the options to select a contact via select, (this will open a pop up for you to pick a contact from the whole database), or Audience select, (which will open a pop up that allows you to select a contact from the campaign audience).

The contact box on this screen does not allow you to type an address into as the contact must be an existing contact in the database.