Campaign - Merge Fields (Campaign New UI)

If you have used Merge Fields within your Email or Landing Pages, then this tab is where you specify the contents of the Merge Fields that will be displayed.

Within GatorCreator you have merge fields and dynamic content which you can use to improve your email design and make it more personal for the recipient. Merge fields will be fields such as 'Come to our conference on the [dd/mm/yy] to celebrate!'.

A merge field will pull in data you have set in one of the fields shown above.


When setting up your campaign, head over to Add-Ons and select the Merge Field tab

You can type the Merge field data directly into the field, or click on the pencil icon to open up the HTML editor.
The HTML editor is used for links or personalisation.

Please Note: You are limited to ten merge fields per campaign.

Edit Screen

This is where you can design your merge field. You can customise it fully with this editor.

Example Merge Field

To see how the Merge Field appears to your recipients, send yourself a test.

This allows you to open the email and see the Merge Field content.

The merge field numbers in the Campaign Add-On section need to match up with those placed in the email design or landing page.