Campaign - Survey (Campaign New UI)

Within this tab you can attach Surveys to your Campaign.

When setting up your campaign, head over to Add-Ons and then select the Survey tab

This is for Traditional Survey within GatorMail so these steps are not necessary when using GatorSurvey.

Inserting a Survey

Go to your email design in GatorCreator, highlight the test you would like your survey link to be under. Click the Survey icon and a window will open where you give the survey a Reference Number and a Lead Score Category and Value.


  1. Select this button to add a new survey.
  2. Select this button to add an existing survey.
  3. Click here to edit the survey.
  4. Click here to see the Settings.
  5. This option allows you to delete the survey from the campaign.
  6. This is the survey alias.
  7. This is the survey name.
  1. This is the Reference Number. The reference number is what let's the campaign know that the survey you have attached is correct.
  2. Default option is used when multiple Surveys are attached to the campaign with the same reference number and Selection Criteria is used. Selecting default means if the contact doesn't meet the criteria of any of the options then they will be shown the default Survey.
  3. This shows if the survey is anonymous.
  4. This shows if Authentication is required for a survey.

Campaign Survey Settings

  1. You can give your survey an alias.
  2. You can change the survey to another one.
  3. This allows your survey to be taken anonymously.
  4. This is the reference number which should match up with the reference number selected when you inserted the survey link into the email design.
  5. This means your survey will sent out to those who match the selection criteria. E.g. if the attribute was "Country" and the value was "UK" then anyone with that data would be able to take the survey.
  6. You can be notified when your survey has been taken.