GatorMail - v7.26.0 - February 2022

What's Fixed:

GM-5497 - Enhance: Smart Forms to include free flowing HTML block and hyperlinks

GM-5699 - Update Groups SQL to use temp tables

GM-5752 - GatorAI fixes

GM-5755 - Old Survey - results error - View Completed Results link breaking

GM-5769 - Confirmation emails in events not changing

GM-5770 - Group not attaching to campaign after being pulled through CRM

GM-5776 - Subscribing to the ‘success’ event of the form via API but the success is never triggered.

GM-5778 - Smart form mandatory fields allow a space to bypass mandatory requirement

GM-5782 - Smart Form locking up on save due to space in URL

GM-5785 - Dynamic sender Alias bug on Split tests

GM-5786 - Group count does not update to new volume

GM-5789 - Tracked link not functioning in initial send of email campaign

GM-5798 - Wrong landing zone being selected

GM-5807 - Data syncs timed out and didn't start up again

GM-5814 - Enhancement to the new campaign screen long process to run a test for both HTML and text versions

GM-5822 - New groups created when events are created

GM-5824 - Salesforce SOAP API deprecation 7.0 - 20.0

GM-5830 - Prevent delete of suppressed domains added by spotler

GM-5843 - Allow custom batch email settings

GM-5857 - New Campaign screen UI - Test Centre Error

GM-5865 - Add notifications when tests in test centre has finished.

GM-5874 - Exports tab doesn't open after exporting contacts in 'Data Replenish Report'

GM-5906 - Change the "Home" screen to display the Campaign Industry Comparison screen

GM-5907 - Add an export to the campaign results to get the bot opens and clicks