GatorMail - v7.25.0 - November 2021

What's Fixed:

GM-5767 - GatorMail to Salesforce Datasync, data randomly being truncated

GM-5766 - Follow up results error - sproc update

GM-5748 - Confirmation opt in emails do not send when added to event

GM-5745 - Add a campaign default for GatorLeads post click tracking.

GM-5740 - Enhancement to write back submission data to Dynamics web form submission action (DataSync)

GM-5739 - Export for split test distinct clicks is has more contacts than the product count says it should be

GM-5729 - HtmlAgilityPack Upgrade to fix error with GatorAI data processing

GM-5728 - Dynamics Saved View Criteria uses 'party' related record failing

GM-5727 - Batch settings not being followed correctly on instance with UTC+1 timezone

GM-5722 - IntegrationEmailMatch is breaking datasyncs

GM-5721 - Dynamic values not available in smart forms when field is hidden

GM-5718 - Smart form doesn't submit if emaillogin field is hidden

GM-5716 - Contacts being put into group seemingly randomly

GM-5715 - Issue with "Predicted Min" for the Spotler AI Prediction Vs Campaign Actual CTR graph - its percentages are huge

GM-5707 - Assigning a width to fields doesn't appear to work

GM-5702 - Campaign series displays incorrect count if group is not counted in audience tab prior to initiation

GM-5701 - Groups - Using 'contains data' contact rule for a date field causes platform to error

GM-5696 - Set a flag of the type of event we are storing

GM-5694 - Calendar link clicks not showing in campaign results click tab

GM-5692 - Able to submit a form with when 'business email addresses' has been selected in Smart Form

GM-5691 - Isues with GatorMail campaign aliases and contact clicking data

GM-5690 - Smartform Form Template - Basic HTML Code - Textareas have blank space included within

GM-5678 - HTML Upload auto tracked links is tracking link tags

GM-5384 - Typo mistake within smart forms.

GM-5321 - Smart form actions need to be completed per rule