GatorWorkflow - v1.7 - December 2017

What's New

GW-155 — Auto save canvas position and zoom changes in both design and analysis modes

What's Enhanced

GW-149 — Link to individual campaign results from within Workflow

GW-191 — Add functionality to reload a Workflow instance without the need to restart the service

What's Fixed

GW-128 — Recognise when an instance has been archived on an active workflow instance and unload the service instance.

GW-135 — Issue accessing Workflow when users that no longer exist are linked with the SSO account

GW-165 — Add a warning when someone has hooked up both condition end points to the same action.

GW-179 — An example where a workflow condition of a date field requiring data is not returning a positive result, despite fitting the criteria of the condition

GW-182 — Error when saving workflow with malformed merge tags in notification: [@contact->]ABCD_customer_value]

GW-186 — When save and close workflow, the launch time resets itself to an hour earlier each time.

GW-187 — Add a minimise button to shrink the workflow side bar in design and analysis mode

GW-188 — Disable all buttons on the workflow tool bar apart from the zoom and centre canvas when the workflow is transitioning in to another state.

GW-193 — Improve the performance when executing the condition stage