GatorMail - v7.6.0 - June 2018

What's New:

- GatorCreator Landing Zones - You can now use GatorCreator to manage your landing zones. 

What's Enhanced:

- Groups - New events based group rules.

    - Added a "Not Attended" group rule option.

    - Added "Event Categories" rule options so you can create a rule that includes selected categories.

What's Fixed:

- [03470-R6S3/08337-N7M3:3478] - Added an option in Groups to edit the description after the group has been created.

- [06661-X0T0:3580] - Added an initiate warning when a user enters a campaign start date that has already passed.  This protects you from sending a campaign immediately if you meant to future plan it.

- [25119-T9l6:4391] - Fixed an issue with the web capture privacy policy not displaying in IE.

- [25377-H0F7:4429] - Fixed an issue with the data formatting for exported data so percentages were pulled through into the exported file.

- [26081-M0G4:4436] - Fixed an issue where using right click paste to update the subject line did not work

- [26292-J9J2:4453] - Fixed an issue with the contacts "MostRecentEmailSentDate" still updating for failed to send emails.

- [26480-H2V4:4467] - Fixed an issue copying emails or campaigns with an apostrophe in the name.

- [26603-Q5T3:4480] - Fixed an issue with time zone settings not working for events.

- [26607-W1L4:4478] - Fixed an issue with initiating some campaigns where the initiate check screen would load with no details by reverting [4280] which will be re-investigated and resolved again.

- [26711-W9G5:4506] - Fixed an issue with campaign names that have an apostrophe failing the unsubscribe.

- [26807-Y6D9:4537] - Fixed an issue with event booking limits not respecting anonymous delegates.

- [Internal:4585] - Created a new "event category" rule for event group rules so you can manage all events that match the category.

- [Internal:4538] - Added telephone number, email and dietary requirement added to the attendees list, generated by the events URL.

- [Internal:4481] - Fixed an issue with inbox checker images not working for Quick Campaign.

- [Internal:4389] - Added some protection for COI links to load the default COI if there was a problem in the HTML that might have broken the link.

- [Internal:4380] - Fixed an issue with view in browser links showing as normal landing zone clicks in campaign results.

- [Internal:4379] - Fixed an issue editing the background / button colours of the COI after changing sending domains.

- [Internal:4343] - Added "Total Active Contacts" and "Contracted Contacts" to the home screen.

- [Internal:4342] - Changed the processing of bot hits in GatorMail to not pass anything over to GatorLeads if the incoming click is from a bot.

- [Internal:4259] - In the contacts section we removed the searched column from the grid results.

- [Internal:4024] - Added an audit when saving the contact record if optin fields are being saved, to require a reason for the update.